Midtown Madness - Various CommandLine Cheats

Midtown Madness - Various CommandLine Cheats

Various CommandLine Cheats

Launch the game with any of the following commandline parameters:

allrace Access to All Races
allcars Access to All Cars

"C:Midtownmidtown.exe" allcars allrace


First one has to open the file ui.ar in the Midtown madness directory. At the bottom of the file one can find the different things such as the placing in the race required to unlock the next set of races as well as how many races it unlocks. There is also the stuff where you can choose how many races you must complete to unlock the cars such as the Panoz GTR1. Below are the exact coordinates of the different vehicles the offsets may vary in different hex editors but not by much:

The placing in the race to unlock the next race 012f7b36
How many races it unlocks at once 012f7b4a
VW New Beetle 012f7b5e
City Bus 012f7c30
Cadillac Eldorado 012f7d02
Ford Mustang Cruiser 012f7dde
Ford F350 012f7eb0
Ford Mustang Fastback 012f782
Ford Mustang GT 012f805e
Panoz GTR1 012f813a
Panoz Roadster 012f822a
Freightliner Century 012f82fc

Just read from the ANSI text part and edit what one wants. Basically what everyone would want is to unlock every vehicle. Simple. Just set the "Unlock Flags=" part to "Unlock Flags0=" or 00. In the Panoz GTR1 set the unlock score to 0000. Even an amateur can drive that car then. It should be pretty simple to edit what one wants other than that.
Submitted by: Liew Shao Qi Timothy shaoqimbox4.singnet.com.sg

Various InGame Cheats

Hold Ctrl Alt Shift F7 until a box appears then enter any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
/nodamage No Damage Mode
/damage Damage Mode
/dizzy Spinning Sky
/fuzz Toggles Cop Radar
/bridge Bridge Very Quickly
/ufo Replace Planes with UFOs
/swap Swap the Train with a String of 737s
/slide Ambient Cars have no Friction
/puck Player Experiences no Friction
/grav Half Gravity
/postal Horn Fires Mailboxes
/talkfast Commentary Plays Fast
/talkslow Commentary Plays Slow
/big Big People
/tiny Tiny People
/nosmoke Wheel/Damage Smoke Off
/smoke Wheel/Damage Smoke On

No Timer in Blitz Mode

During gameplay press D for dashboard hold 2 and press D again.
Submitted by Thomas Binu