Moto Extreme

Moto Extreme


Extra Track:
Go to the Track Select screen. Press and hold the "Ctrl" key and move the
cursor over each of the eight track flags in the following order:

Canada, USA, Japan, France, Brazil, Egypt, Russia, and Australia. This
should enable the Lunar track.

Unlock secret bike:
There is alredy 3 bikes. The 125cc, 250cc and Super bike. If you beet all
levels first in pro you will unlock the last bike. This bike is cald the
nitro bike. If you beet each level first correctly you will unlock the
nitro bike.


Tip 1:
Lean back in the saddle when taking flight. Lean forward in a crouch for
extra speed when traveling horizontally.

Tip 2:
Just like your mother told you: don't waste your time with small bikes. Go
for the Super Bike--it'll grab gobs of air and make winning a lot easier.

Tip 3:
EA's Road Rash does biking better. Consider yourself forewarned.