Musashi: Samurai Legend - Hints


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To get the dragonfly belt, go to the Wellspring Woods and find the biggest tree of the woods. This biggest tree has pink leaves. If you found it, there is a chest beside it. Open it and you'll find a strap. Go to the appraisals and appraise it.

To avoid melting your ice cream, you need an ice box. Go to the inventory and talk to Geldbrenner,the inventor. You need 2 steel so that he can help you invent an ice box.

There's a poor grandma on 2nd floor who's got problems in hearing named Chimay. To help her, go to the inventory and invent a Hearing aid. You need 3 iron. Then, give it to Chimay. She'll award you a Protein Blitz.

Give Pepper, the cook in "Pepper's Grill" on 1st floor, a pressure cooker so that you can buy the celestial specialgives you 300HP and 300MP. Go to the inventory and invent it. You'll need 1 iron and 1 steel.

To become a best performer in Troupe Broccio, you need an ascetic technique called Juggle. Go to the Picodon Jungle and focus the technique of Jugglenarium. You're focus must be higher. If you have succeed in performing, Broccio will give you 5000 money.

If you're already in Chapter 3, go to Dojo and talk to Master Mew. He'll teach you a fundamental technique called Counterattack.

If you're already in Chapter 6, go to Dojo again and talk to Master Mew. He'll teach you a defensive technique called Decoy. That technique is awesome

If you won in the 100 Leaders Cup in Arena, Golovnin will give you a Zoom Lens. Give the Zoom Lens to Taleggio, the reporter on 3rd floor, so that you can buy the imagi card called Mystical Anthedon.

If you succeesfully complete the game, something was changed in the intro. If you want to know, Musashi mistakenly didn't grab Mycella while she was about to fall.

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