Mutant Football League

Mutant Football League

Cheat Codes:
On offense:
- Try to avoid throwing into double and triple coverage if possible.
- If you see no one open, have your qb scramble and run the ball to gain
some yards.
- Save your dirty tricks for 3rd/4th down situations
- Save dirty tricks for drives at the end of each half
(they refresh after each half)
- It's better to through the ball out of bounds sometimes when opponent
uses a dirty trick that can kill or force fumble on contact.
(You can do this by pressing Triangle or Y button)
- Run out of bounds or dive to avoid getting hit too brutally, you
don't want one of your star players to get killed easily.
- You can hold down the receiver icon pass button to add more power to
your pass
- If the defense has bribed the ref, use your "bribe ref" dirty trick
instead of using "kill ref"
- Try messing around with the bench option in the playbook if you want
certain receivers on the field.
- Some teams have an "Attack QB" Dirty Trick. This causes the defense
to jump offside and kill the QB. Run away and try to press the timeout
button before they kill you.
edit: timeout tactic patched out. You can easily avoid this dirty trick by
running towards your own endzone (running backwards instead of forward).
Try jumping a lot if the enemy gets close to killing you.

On Defense:
- You can use the right stick (formerly L1/R1) to use a spin move to shed
- Use "bribe ref" on opponent's key drives, like a lead-taking or game-winning
- Remember that your dirty tricks come back after the first half for offense
and defense.
- If you have 1 cornerback left on your roster, play the game in the goal line
defense formation.
- Use dirty trick on 3rd/4th down situations, or if in desperation.
- Some Dirty tricks are on a timer.
- Look out for the "bombs away" dirty trick. When playing the AI, you usually
get an indication that the ball is a bomb. Usually the ball is kind of
floaty and the intented receiver tries to avoid the ball.

Special Teams:
- Many fields have hazards, when kicking, try to kick the ball into or towards
a hazard.
- Field goal points are based on distance. If the field goal distance is in
the 30s or less, you will get 3 points. If your field goal distance is in
the 40s, you will get 4 points. If you get a 50+ field goal, you will get
5 points.
- Getting a defensive TD on a PAT will give you 6 points instead of 2.

There is a halftime show in the game where you kill zombie refs with a shotgun.
If you win, you get a resurrection dirty trick, giving you an option to resurrect a player. From my experience, you need to survive until time runs out and get 500 points. In multiplayer, the one with the most points wins. (can't fully confirm the point requirement, but can confrim the need to survive and earning resurrection dirty trick.)

Increasing the karnage level option will make the AI more agressive after the
play, resulting in more late hits.