MVP Baseball 2003 - Easy Homers


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Easy Homers

Go to the Main Menu then go to Rosters and create a player with the name "Erik Kiss" . He will hit a ton of homers. Also for some more broken bats name a player Keegn Patersn, Jacob Patersn, or Ziggy Patersn.

Get Widescreen Format

Hold R2L2 for several seconds then press Left to change to widescreen. Press Right for normal

Fenway Homeruns

Use your big hitter in Fenway and hold the Left Analog stick diagonal toward the green monster. Inside or hot spot pitches should go over the wall.

Trade Hint

In rookie mode the computer will take almost all trades in season mode. Trade your non used players for superstars on other teams to make a super team

Strikeout Hint

If you get two strikes on a batter make your next pitch a low inside or a slider. This is highly effective for getting the strikeout.

Right Handed Batter Hint

Point the Left Analog stick toward Right field to increase your chance of a homer.

Strike Out Hint

To get more strikeouts in a game you first have to pick a corner any corner. Then, get the baseball as tightly to the line as possible. Next. if your pitcher has a 4-seam or 2-seam fastball, sinker, slider, or a splitter you can use that. Finally, pitch like that and 80 of the time you will strike th batter out.

Vlad Guerrero

When up in the count 3-0 with Vlad, the pitch will be high and inside 95 of the time. I hit 5 homeruns in a game with Vlad.

Better Hits

For better hits all you have to do is point the other way on the aalog stick. For instance, for lefty point the analog stick to right eild and hold it throughout the swing. Do the same for a righty but opposite.

Great Hitter Cheat

To get a great hitter on your team go to create a player and name him Erik Kiss. Add him to your team and he usually hits monster homers but sometimes just gappers.For a Superteam in a season on rookie mode the computer accepts every trade offered so take the best for a super team.

Easy Strikes

For a strike pretty much every time pitch the ball low and inside. Even if it is their hot zone they usefully won't swing. Try pitching mostly curveballs though.

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