MX Unleashed - Various cheats


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Various cheats

500cc Bikes: BIGDOGS
Freestyle Tracks: BUSTBIG
National Tracks: ECONATION
Supercross Tracks: STUPERCROSS
Unlock All Machines: MINIGAMES

50cc Class

Enter SQUIRRELDOG in the character completion field.

Get All Bonuses

Enter CLAPPEDOUT on the cheats screen.

Open Up Pro Physics

Enter SWAPPIN in the character completion field.

Play Tough Demo Track Race

Let the game sit on the main menu for a little while until the demo comes up. Press a button on the control to play that demo track. The A.I. will be tougher than usual, just for that race.

horizon bounce-back

In freestyle mode keep going straight in any direction until you go up a big hill. Then go over it and you will see a flat horizon. You then drive straight into it and the force will bounce you back very far.

Easter Egg: End Of The World

In freestyle mode in MX Unleashed, drive in any direction for a while. You should come to a big hill. Search around the base of the hill and you should find a sign. Angle the camera so that you can read the sign. The sign should say: End of the World, 500 Feet.

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