MX vs. ATV Unleashed: On the Edge - 1000000 Store points


Total votes: 52
1,000,000 Store points:
Enter BROKEASAJOKE as a code to unlock get 1,000,000 Store points. For allot of points, enable this code, then keep selecting Done when it says Here are some points for the store.

500cc bikes:
Enter BIGBORE as a code.

50cc bikes
Enter MINIMOTO as a code.

All ATVs:
Enter COUCHES as a code.

All bikes:
Enter BRAPP as a code.

All freestyle tracks:
Enter HUCKIT as a code.

All gear:
Enter WARDROBE as a code.

All Machines Challenge tracks:
Enter LEADFOOT as a code.

All National tracks:
Enter GOOUTSIDE as a code.

All Open class tracks:
Enter NOTMOTO as a code.

All Pro riders:
Enter WANNABE as a code.

All Supercross tracks:
Enter GOINSIDE as a code.

All tracks:
Enter PITPASS as a code.

Cheat mode:
Enter TOOLAZY as a code to unlock all the bonuses.

Pro physics:
Enter IAMTOOGOOD as a code.

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