NBA 2K2 - Cheat menu

NBA 2K2 - Cheat menu

Cheat menu

Enter the options menu and select "Gameplay". Hold D-pad Left Left Analog-stick Right and press Start. The "Codes" selection will now be unlocked at the options menu.

Bonus teams

Enter "MEGASTARS" as a case-sensitive code at the cheat menu to unlock the Sega Sports, Visual Concepts, and Team 2K2 in exhibition and street modes

How to unlock Kareem & Bernard King

In the active players section look for the 80's All stars. Look in the West 80's team for 2 inactive players and that is them

Get legends Team for Season Play

Edit a season in season mode and substitute and team for the Legends team

Intentional Fouls

When you are down by a few points, press L1 R2 to call the defense to create an intentional foul. Use this as a strategy to try and tie the score to go to overtime, assuming the opponent will miss the free throws.

Easier Free throws

Before the green arrows appear. Move the annalog sticks slightly. When the arrows appear it will be set in the middle. So you just press R1 and its in.


When the the other team is about to shoot a foul shot to the two analog buttons and move them back and forth and they miss it. They only miss it sometimes . They missed it 90 when I played in the championship

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