Need For Speed 3 - FAQ vFinal


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FAQ vFinal

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by Red Phoenix

Various Cheats

Enter these at the User Name screen in Options:

User Name Effect
mcityz Bonus Track Empire City
Gldfsh Bonus Track Scorpio7
Mnbeam Bonus Track SpaceRace
Xcntry Bonus Track AutoCross
Xcav8 Bonus Track Caverns
Playtm Bonus Track The Room
1jagx Jaguar XJR15
amgmrc Mercedes Benz CLK GTR
rocket El Nio Car
Seeall More Camera Views
spoilt All Cars and All Tracks except Bonus Tracks
copers Be the Cops

Submitted by: Brian Mitchell

More Various Cheats

Enter these after you've chosen a race but before the Loading screen appears:

Effect Code
Power Horn Hold Start Select R1 L2
Slow Motion by 20 Up X Triangle
Increase Car Weight Select Square X

Italian Police

Before the loading screen appears when starting a race hold Right R2 L1 until the loading screen disappears.
Submitted by: rainsuser

Never Crash

At the Loading screen press Up Down Up Left Right.

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