Need for Speed: Rivals


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Buddy Bust (Bronze)
Objective: Bust a Friend

Cop Rank 10 (Bronze)
Objective: Reach Cop Rank 10

Cop Rank 20 (Bronze)
Objective: Reach Cop Rank 20

Cop Rank 5 (Bronze)
Objective: Reach Cop Rank 5

First National (Bronze)
Objective: Bank your first score

Friendly Race (Bronze)
Objective: Win a Race against a Friend

Lcnce n Rgstrtn pls (Bronze)
Objective: Bust 10 Racers in a Mustang

Racer Rank 10 (Bronze)
Objective: Reach Racer Rank 10

Racer Rank 20 (Bronze)
Objective: Reach Racer Rank 20

Racer Rank 5 (Bronze)
Objective: Reach Racer Rank 5

5 Buster (Silver)
Objective: Bust a Racer at Heat 5 or greater

5, 4, 3, 2, Mach 1! (Silver)
Objective: Get 50 seconds of air time in any Ford car

Bigger Points (Silver)
Objective: Bank 500,000 in one go

Bust 50 (Silver)
Objective: Bust 50 Racers

Cop Rank 40 (Silver)
Objective: Reach Cop Rank 40

Deep Down, You Know You Want To (Silver)
Objective: Drive 50 cumulative minutes in any Ford then enter garage

Multiplier (Silver)
Objective: Hit a X 10 Multiplier

Racer Rank 40 (Silver)
Objective: Reach Racer Rank 40

10 Heat (Gold)
Objective: Reach Heat 10

8 Buster (Gold)
Objective: Bust a Racer at Heat 8 or greater

Cop Rank 60 (Gold)
Objective: Reach Cop Rank 60

Gold Master (Gold)
Objective: Earn 100 Gold medals across both factions

Professional Collector (Gold)
Objective: Purchase 10 Racer vehicles

Racer Rank 60 (Gold)
Objective: Reach Racer Rank 60

Upgrade Master (Gold)
Objective: Upgrade all Cop Pursuit Tech in one car to maximum level and equip both slots

Platinum Trophy (Platinum)
Objective: Earn all Need for Speed Rivals Trophies

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