NFL Fever 2002 - Various Cheats

NFL Fever 2002 - Various Cheats

Various Cheats

Make a profile and put in one of the following case-sensitive names to unlock the cheat:

BROADWAY - All Teams and Stadiums
Camo - Commandos
Milk - Cows
BigBacks - Gladiators
Regulate - Chromides
Crikey - Crocs
Stone - Skeletons
Robes - Monks
Axemen - Hackers
Viola - Pansies
Target - Spies
Slasher - Samurai
Dusty - tumbleweeds
Kitty - Wildcats
Horns - War Elephants
Odyssey - Millennium Stadium
Odyssey 2 - Abyss Stadium
LionPit - Roman Stadium
Dome - Practice Stadium
SeaTown - new Seattle Stadium
Tut - Fantasy team DaRulahs

Unlimited Creation Points

Go to the Create a player screen and press White five times and Black five times

Demo Mode

AT "Press start " screen hold down L R Black White.

Secret Play

If you are playing single play mode or any mode press L or R and the little red box around your play will disappear making it a SECRET PLAY