NFL Gameday '98 - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Go to the Easter Egg screen then enter any of the following codes:

Effect Easter Egg
Ball Gets Knocked Out Easier leech
No Penalties blind ref
Players Move Quicker juice
Player Move Faster fire drill
Receivers Have Better Hands gloves
Defense Jump Higher rejection
Improve CPU Defense cpu defense
Improve CPU Offense cpu offense
Players are Larger humongous
Teams Equal equal teams
No Heads horsemen
Pumped up RB Bettis
Stronger Stiff Arm jack hammer
1D Players cookie cutter
Crowd Muffle quiet crowd
Defensive Swarm water ai
Longer Field Goals big foot
Louder Announcer loud mouth
Players are Flat flat land
No Arms look ma
Play as Shadows mcmahon
Players Have Half of One Left ahab
Pumps Up Both Defense Sides gd challenge
Tiny Players flea circus

Super Bowl and All Star Teams

In PreSeason at the Team Selection screen press Circle once or twice to get a Super Bowl or All Start team. Not all teams have these.

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