NFL Quarterback Club '97 - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Enter any of the following at the Team Selection screen in PreSeason Mode:

Constant turbo X2 Y2 X Y
Fumble mode X3 L X2
No fumbles X3 R X2
Land mine mode X3 Z X2
Super slippery X2 R Z X R
Big players X2 Z Y X Z
Small players X2 Z2 X Z
Short fat players X Y Z Y X Z
Tall skinny players X Y Z2 X Z
Shadow players X2 Z L X Z
100 yard passes and kicks X2 Z R X Z
High school team X2 Y R X Y
Super team X2 R Y X R
Eight downs X Y L Y X L
Activate all codes X2 R2 X R
Activate 100 secret teams L Y R2 L R
ProBowl teams X3 Y X2
Very slow motion X2 L Z X L
Very fast motion X2 L2 X L
Vikings vs. 49ers X Y L2 X L
Gamepro team X Y L2 X L
EGM team X Y R2 X R

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