NHLPA '93 - Easy Goal

NHLPA '93 - Easy Goal

Easy Goal

Go behind your opponent's goal and wait until the goalie starts to bump into one of the goal posts. Then skate out to the opposite side and score.

Second Round Passwords

N.Y. Rangers at Washington HFDL41RN4GLP5W25
Chicago at Minnesota D152Y23X87NXLV32
Montreal at Hartford BWBFFMCD8NJHHW18
Vancouver at Los Angeles HD9121KPTK5P15OF

Third Round Passwords

N.Y. Rangers at Boston HFKSH66HGRPH4DL7
Chicago at Vancouver D2B7K5NGRPH4DKHZ
Montreal at Long Island BWHKPD6X4PWVC57H

Final Round Passwords

N.Y. Rangers at St. Louis HFRYWR81X88115Y8
Chicago at Boston D2JFJSNPP33HC6DN
Montreal at Minnesota BWNSMO6434F6CT36
Vancouver at Boston HFNCGK835RLMPT5P