Ninja Gaiden - in Chapter 11 Imperial City Infiltration

Ninja Gaiden - in Chapter 11 Imperial City Infiltration

in Chapter 11: Imperial City Infiltration

When you get to Hans bar. If you stand in front ofthe door and face it then turn 180 degrees you willsee an alley. On the wall there are two bluestripeslike a runway. If you run and jump on theleft wall do a wall run jump over to the right wall,then the left, then on to a platform that has a goldscarab and a objest that charges your life and nimpo completely.
Submitted by Sean

Keep the Original Blue Ninja Costume

Hilight "New Game" and hold down the L R triggers and press the A. You will hear a scream to confirm entry. You will now keep the original blue costume that Hayabusa starts with beyond the second chapter.

Skip Cut-Scenes

You can skip most of the cut-scenes in Ninja Gaiden by pressing START, A, START.

Skip escaping the mountain

In the last chapter, if you've already been through escaping once, and been defeated by Dark Murai, go pick up the Dark Dragon Blade, and at the beginning of the FMV, press START, A, START to skip it. Instead of having to escape the caves again, you'll go straight to the fight with Dark Murai.

Get Dark Dragon Blade

Start a new game with an already completed save file. Visit Muramasa's shop in Chapter 13 to find the blade.

Get Evil Ryu

Complete the game on Very Hard.

Get Futuristic Outfit

Complete the game on Normal or Hard difficulty and start a new game while holding L.

Get Movie Gallery

Beat the game on Normal or Hard to unlock all CG movies.

Get Music in Sound Test

Complete the game on Normal or Hard difficulty.

Get NES Ninja Gaiden Games

Get NES Ninja Gaiden: Collect all 50 Scarabs.

Ninja Gaiden 2 - Method 1:

Achieve Master Ranking in all chapters of Normal difficulty.

Ninja Gaiden 2 - Method 2:

After earning Ninja Gaiden 1, head to the Clock Tower Plaza in Tairon you can do this in successive play, if you want and aim your arrow at the clock face on the tower. Head through the door to the clock down and get to the opening to find the chest with NG 2 inside.

Unlock Ninja Gaiden 3 - Method 1:

Achieve Master Ranking in all chapters on Hard or Very Hard difficulty.

Unlock Ninja Gaiden 3 - Method 2:

After unlocking Ninja Gaiden 2, when you are in the Peristyle Passage, Mario jump between the first and second columns to the left of the entrance when facing the entrance. On top of the broken column is NG 3.

Get Plasma Saber

Beat the game on Normal to unlock a new costume and plasma saber Luke, you are now a ninja. To use the new costume, hold down the LEFT TRIGGER and select New Game.

Get Plasma Saber Mk II

When you re-visit the cemetery in Chapter 13, your Plasma Saber is upgraded to the much more powerful and cool-looking Mk II.

Get Very Hard Difficulty

Beat the game once on Normal or Hard.

Easy Cash

I did this at the Clocktower in Tairon, but I'm sure it should work at any store. Simply go up the set of stairs marked by the blue border, and take care of the three enemies in the stairway. Now, go back down the stairs and return back up to kill the same three guys again. Collect the loot or health and repeat as desired I found that if you use the Nunchaku, you can score around 30 or 40 hit combos, giving you up to 1,000 cash points at a time

In Game Reset

While in game, press and hold START and BACK, and you will be taken back to the main menu. NOTE: All your unsaved progress will be lost.

Ninja Gaiden I Passwords

Act I: L, X, A, Y, A, X
Act II: A, X, X, R, Y, A
Act III: X, Y, B, R, L, X
Act IV: B, R, A, B, Y, Y
Act V: X, A, Y, X, L, L
Act VI: R, Y, R, L, A, X

Ninja Gaiden II Passwords

Act I: A, A, B, X, Y, R
Act II: X, L, R, B, B, A
Act III: L, Y, B, A, R, R
Act IV: A, L, X, Y, Y, B
Act V: R, A, A, B, X, L
Act VI: Y, L, R, A, Y, R
Act VII: B, B, X, Y, A, L

Ninja Gaiden III Passwords

Act I: B, Y, R, L, X, A
Act II: A, R, R, Y, A, L
Act III: L, B, R, Y, L, Y
Act IV: R, R, B, A, Y, X
Act V: Y, A, B, X, R, X
Act VI: B, X, X, A, X, Y
Act VII: X, R, X, Y, Y, L

Retain Health with Kitetsu

While using the Kitetsu sword, equip the Tranquility Bracelet--earned by finding 40 scarabs--to counter the health drain effect of the sword.

Run on Water

Anywhere there is water, simply walk Ryu onto the water and then repeatedly tap the A button to run across the water.