Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

Unlock Alternate Endings:
There are two different endings in the game which are unlocked depending on the decisions the player makes through the final book.

Good Ending:
The good ending becomes unlocked when you usee the characters in the following order: Cornelius, Oswald, Mercedes, Velvet, Gwendolyn. So Cornelius must fight Darkova, the 'Six-Eyed Beast', Oswald must fight Gallon, the 'Lord of the Netherworld', Mercedes must defeat Onyx, the 'Incarnation of Fire', Velvet must destroy 'The Cauldron' and Gwendolyn must defeat Leventhan, 'The Last Dragon'.

Bad Ending:
In order to unlock the bad ending, use the characters in any order except for the one listed for the Good Ending.

Unlock Heroic Mode:
This feature becomes unlocked when you beat the game and is a difficulty setting for expert players. HP is permanently set at 100 and will not increase with level ups or food.

Unlock Xtra New Game:
This feature becomes unlocked when you beat the game and allows players to replay the game using their already-acquired equipment, items, levels, and skills. Player accessories are also increased in power. Note: Enemies are more powerful making them harder to defeat.

Unlock Wheel of Fate Scenes:
Complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding 'Wheel of Fate' scene.

Wheel of Fate: Scene 2-1 (Epilogue):
Unlock by viewing every scene in the game, including both endings and ALL Armageddon scenes.

Wheel of Fire: Scene 3-1 (Curtain Call):
Unlocked by viewing the 'Wheel of Fate' book and watching the credits roll. At the final scene, don't press any buttons and the scene will be unlocked.

Unlock Extra Book: Wheel of Fate:
The 'Wheel of Fate' book becomes unlocked when you get the 'Good Ending'. This is done by fighting ALL the final bosses with the appropriate characters.