Orphen: Scion of Sorcery - Unlimited Lifebr

Orphen: Scion of Sorcery - Unlimited Lifebr
Unlimited Life:
When you are just about to die go to menu and choose equip and you will start the battle all over again with full life.

Unlock Everything:
Press Pause and hold L2 then press:
Right, Left, Right, Right, Down, Up, Square, Circle, Triangle
Note: To confirm correct entry of this code you will hear a sound.

Restart Battle A Losing Battle:
If you are losing a battle, pause the game and change weapons select "Equip". Now resume the game and you will find yourself at the begining of the fight, with full health.

Mars Story:
To play mars story from the start, don't let Sephy or Zeus join your group when asked. Mars story will become available.

Defeating Gaia:
Equip the Hand of Pyro and Bite of Lightning. Attack and destroy the two arms, then the white-orb. Block all the attacks Gaia does. Use Bite of Lightning to easily destroy the little robots Gaia throws at you. Do not call the Elemental Summon; you will not have enough time. When only the head remains, shoot Hand of Pyros at Gaia until he dies. Remember to block all attacks.

Defeating the Mentor:
The Mentor takes some time to attack. As The Mentor raises its arms to attack you, run up to him. Attack him with your sword then quickly raise your shield. Repeat this as many time as needed. In between, use your shield. However, try not to use it too much or The Mentor will push you off the back.

Full Health:
Pause the game if you are losing a battle. Then hit ''equip'' and resume the game. You will be at the start of the battle, with full energy.

Get Mars onto the ship:
To get Mars on the ship, go to Sephy and Zeus. When you have a choice to let them join you, say no. Go back to the cabin area and you'll see Mar.

Regain health:
If you are running low on health, just shoot or attack the Electric elementals small wavy line of electricity. They will go away and refill your health. They will reappear soon after that, allowing you to refill your health as many times needed.

Restart a battle:
Pause the game if a defeat cannot be avoided during a battle. Select "Equip" and resume the game at the start of the battle, with all energy restored.

See Sephy's underwear:
When playing as Sephy, go to a side view, then jump and pause game play.

See through walls:
In story mode, walk up to a wall and press L1 or R1 to see through it.

Beat Giant Worms and Monster Spider Easily:
When going up against the the 2 wall worms and the giant spider here are some tips. On the worms use the hand of pyro on the worms and use the bite of lightning on their babies. Whenever they jump at use use your shield. Then on the Spider on the first target lock you get use the bite of lightning and when he recovers do it again just don't charge it u up just small lightning will do doing this i got the spiders life do the half HP. We it puts up its web keep using the hand of pyro or the bite of lightning watch out for it butt blow and shooting. When you get poisoned your screwed but when you do try hitting the web or the spider with the sword of justice. Mainly every second counts stand your ground and use your shield with time.