Pac Pix - Shoot Arrows at PacMan


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Shoot Arrows at Pac-Man:
After you complete chapter 4 and learn how to draw the arrow gesture, you can fire arrows at pac-man in the sketchbook. Simply draw the arrow facing at pac-man and fire. When it goes past him, he'll lean back a little and scream "wa wa wa."

Bonus Gestures:
Complete the following chapters to unlock the corresponding gesture:
Arrow: Chapter 4
Bomb: Chapter 8

Hidden Gesture: Butterfly
You can only do this gesture in the sketch book mode. To perform this gesture, you draw an eight on its side, also known as an infinity sign. If you perform this correctly, the "butterfly" will flutter around the screen.

Hidden Gesture: Rain Cloud
You can only do this gesture in the sketch book mode, which you can access in the Gallery. To perform this gesture, you need to draw a cloud. Just draw a circle using a series of "curly" motions. If you succeeded the lines that you scribbled will turn dark blue, and rain will start to pour out of the figure.

Hidden Gesture: Treble Clef
In the Sketchbook found in Gallery Menu, you can draw a treble clef, which will turn red and chime. This gesture can only be done in the sketchbook.

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