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Girl of the Month

Change your DS date on any month with the 1st. Example: 05/01year doesn't matter and you should have a special girl of that month in the shop. NOTE: You can only buy them once.

List of Words

Type these words for free coins. Each word can only be used once.

Common Words: baseball, billion, black, blue, book, boy, breakfast, brother, cash, cat, chat, cheerleader, cheese, chest, coin, cold, cool, cry, cute, dad, dinner, dog, dollar, eat, English, film, football, found, frankly, friendly, game, girl, green, gym, hair, happy, hate, homework, hot, ice, jacket, job, ketchup, lame, laugh, LOL, lost, love, lunch, math, military, mom, money, monkey, neat, number, old, pants, pizza, poor, pop, puppy, rain, red, blue, relish, sad, science, score, shirt, shot, sister, snack, snow, soccer, star, summer, sunny, tiger, tipsy, tired, treasure, video, white, winter, world, yellow, young

Uncommon Words: alligator, amazing, bar, bikini, boil, brilliant, chocolate, contribute, discover, dragon, drive, famous, fatal, forget, gift, giggle, goblin, handle, hidden, high, hug, infatuated, kangaroo, leader, like, lover, magazine, master, message, mister, natural, opera, persuade, pirate, princess, queen, religion, restroom, seven, sharp, skirt, spirit, spit, states, tease, thing, toilet, trek, turtle, united, vampire, vote, wizard

Rare Words: awesome, blam, enemy, enterprise, fantasy, glamorous, god, granny, kingdom, link, magnificent, mushroom, poker, python, stuff, sushi, wayforward, xylophone

Ultra Rare Words: blatherskite, cabbage, epoch

New Items

Change the system date to a different time or date to get new items in the shop. This works well for going back and getting items you missed or going forward to items you can't wait for for example, Christmas.

Hedging Your Bets

Just start a game of high-low where you guess a number and repeatedly pick 5. you will get one of the following results: if the number is 1 or 9 you gain nothing; if the number is 2 or 8 you gain five coins; if the number is 3 or 7 you gain 15 coins; if the number is 4 or 6 you gain 25 coins; if the number is 5 you gain 100 coins; if the number is 10 you lose 2 coins.

Just keep picking 5 even if you keep losing and you will be able to beat most of the odds don't ask how and start accruing money.

50 Coins Every Time

When you start just click credits and every time you watch the credits, you get 50 coins

Don't Lose Your Money

If you lose money in hi-lo quickly press the mini-game button and click yes on end mini game and you won't lose your money. Note: Press this before they take your money.


Just keep picking 6 in the Hi-Lo game. You'll only lose points if Snakey's number is 1
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