Pokemon FireRed - Easy money

Pokemon FireRed - Easy money
Easy money:
To get easy money just catch 6 meowths and battle with your strongest meowth against wild pokmon note: make shure your going to win then after a couple of battles look at your meowths they maybe holding a nugget or tm10hidden power or berries or a pp up, these sell high except berries.

Rare candy:
There is a secret rare candy behind the old women's house it is all the way to the edge of the cliff.

Easy level up:
All you have to do is get some really stong pokemon and a pretty weak one and put EXP.-SHARE on the weak one and fight the ELITE FOUR a few times and pretty soon your weak pokemon will become pretty strong.

All pokemon you get by stones:
Ninetails = FIRESTONE
Arcainine = FIRESTONE
Sunflora = SUNSTONE
Bellossum = SUNSTONE
Viulplume = LEAFSTONE
Victorybell = LEAFSTONE
Eggxecutor = LEAFSTONE
Nidoking = MOONSTONE
Nidoqueen = MOONSTONE
Poliwrath = WATERSTONE
Dellicatty = MOONSTONE
Kingdra = Trade with DRAGONSCALE
Politoad = Trade with KINGSROCK
Slowking = Trade with KINGSROCK
Scizor = Trade with METALCOAT
Steelix = Trade with METALCOAT
Porygon2 = Trade with UP-GRADE.

How to get the Rugy and Satphire:
First you have to of beat the ELITE FOUR. Then go to Mt.Ember and then go to the far right. You should see two ROCKET DUDES. Fight them and then go in the hole they are in front of. Search around in there for awhile and pretty soon you will find the RUBY. Okay, now the SATPHIRE. Go to SEVEN ISLAND and then go to DOTTED HOLE. There should be a man in front of the door their. Whenever you get him to move use CUT on the door. There should be holes on the floor in their. First go to the one on the top. Then go to the one on the left. Then go to the bottom one. Finally go to the right one. You should get the SATPHIRE there. However, a man takes it from you. Then go to FIVE ISLAND and go to the ROCKET BASE. Beat that then you get the SATPHIRE back. Then take them to ONE ISLAND and give it to CELIO. THen you should be able to trade with Satphire and Ruby Version.

Get Mewtwo:
First you would of have to of beat the ELITE FOUR. Then you have to get the RUBY and the SATPHIRE. Then go to Cerelean Cave You need Rock-Smash. Go in there and search for a while and then you should find him pretty soon. You need a MASTERBALL