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Various Cheats

Press the shift and the @ key or the key on some systems to makethe Game Console Window Appear. Type in SISSY to enable the cheat modesthen enter any of the following below for goodies...

Alamode - God Mode
PackNHeat - Gives player every destructive weapon in the game
PayLoad - Set all current weapons to have lots of ammo
IAmSoLame - Gives all weapons, max ammo and turns you invinivible
PiggyTreats - Gives lots of doughnuts
JewsForJesus - Gives player lots of cash
BoyAndHisDog - Gives player lots of dog treats yep your dog is veryuseful when trained
Jones - Gives player lots of health pipes
SwimWithFishes - Gives player all radar related items
FireInYourHole - Enables rocket cameras fun
IAmTheOne - Gives player lots of catnip
LotsAPussy - Gives player lots of cats for use as silencers
BlockMyAss - Gives player body armor
SmackDatAss - Gives player the gimp suit
IAmTheLaw - Gives player the cop clothes
Healthful - Gives player full health and several 4 medkits
Whatchutalkinbout - Turns all non-player, bystander pawns into Gary Colemans
Oasma - Turns all non-player, bystander pawns into Fanatacs
RockinCats - Change any guns that can use cats as silencers to have
a cat on them and the cat will shoot off everytime and a newone will magically appear
DokkinCats - Removes cat repeating guns turns them back to normal
IFeelFree - Ghost mode toggled, enter code again to turn off
LikeABirdy - Fly mode toggled, enter code again to turn off
Fly - ?
Walk - ?
Slowmo number - sets speed?

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