Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend - Cheat Codes

Postal 2: Apocalypse Weekend - Cheat Codes
Cheat Codes
Press the [SHIFT] and the [@] key or the [] key on some systems to make the console window appear. Then type any of the following codes: Code:
SISSY Enable Cheats
Alamode God Mode
PackNHeat Add Destructive Weapons
PayLoad Add Ammo
IAmSoLame All Weapons, Ammo, Invisibility
PiggyTreats Lots of Doughnuts
JewsForJesus Lots of Cash
BoyAndHisDog Lots of Dog Treats
Jones Lots of Health Pipes
SwimWithFishes All Radar Related Items
FireInYourHole Rocket Cameras
IAmTheOne Lots of Catnip
LotsAPussy Lots of Cats
BlockMyAss Body Armor
SmackDatAss Gimp Suit
IAmTheLaw Cop Clothes
Healthful Full Health & 4 Medkits
Whatchutalkinbout Bystanders Into Gary Coleman
Osama Bystanders Into Fanatics
RockinCats Cats on Guns
DokkinCats Removes Cat Repeating Guns
IFeelFree No Clipping Mode
LikeABirdy Fly Mode
Slowmo Set Speed to