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Call me David - Use brawn instead of brains
Charged up - That hit the spot. But for how much longer?
Defragmented - Wake a slumbering giant
Gear head - Clean two gears using different methods
Ghost whisperer - Find Memento Moribuilt
Gone courting - Unlock the courthouse
I always wanted to fly. . . - Take a leap of faith
I told you to stop - Stop Scraper once and for all
Keeping it reel - Find the hidden tape deck
KEEPINGTHEFAITH - Help a lost pilgrim find his way
Knotcutter - An easy solution to an impossible problem
Know it all - Find every entry in the information kiosk
Lawyer robot hero - Pass a legal test on the first try
Live free or die - Stay true to yourself
Machina ex Machina - Get help from a new friend
Melted heart - Change Factotum's mind
Needle in a haystack - Use technology to do the impossible
Not bluffing - She pushed you too far
Open sesame - Unlock the tower door, without outside help
Peeping tom - Look at all the sensor coordinates
Resistance is futile - Join your foe for the greater good
Robotmitzvah - Pass Ever-Faithful's test on the first try
Sacrifice - Victory at what cost?
Smells of rotten custard - Unlock Horatio's past
Thanatos - Fulfill your true mission
Three musketeers - Reunite Surly Company
Too much power - Resort to blackmail, and emerge the victor
We're all in this together - Finish the game with all possible robots.
Wingman - Train Crispin for his big date

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