Railroad Tycoon 3 - Cheat codes

Railroad Tycoon 3 - Cheat codes

Cheat codes

During gameplay press the period key . and then enter the following codes:

Code - Effect

we have a winner Gold - Win the game Gold Medal
we have a winner Silver - Win the game Silver Medal
we have a winner Bronze - Win the game Bronze Medal
we have a winner - Win the game
all is lost - Lose the game
big dog - Give your player 10 million
fat cat - Give your player 1 million
bailout - Give your company 10 million
subsidy - Give your company 1 million
passport - Give your company access to all territories
go go go - All trains go double speed
oops - All trains crash
trains are in my blood - All locomotive types available for purchase
double shift - Buildings produce cargo at double normal rates
safety first - Trains never crash
upgrade - All trains upgraded to HST 125 A nice diesel

Above cheats submitted by Paladonius

Floating houses

go to the sandbox mode and choose the painting icon then go to icon that says lakes/ocean now zoom out of the map and make evrything water then zoom back in vwola houses seem to be floating in mid air
Submitted by Respect