Rainbow Six Vegas - Third person view


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Third person view:
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L2 and press Square, Circle, Square, Circle, L32, Triangle, X, Triangle, X, R32.

One hit kills:
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L2 and press L3, R3, L3, R3, X, Circle, L3, R3, L3, R3, Square, Triangle.

Big head mode:
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L2 and press Circle, Square, X, Triangle, L3, Triangle, X, Square, Circle, R3.

Super ragdoll effects:
Press Start to pause game play, then hold L2 and press X2, Circle2, Square2, Triangle2, X, Circle, Square, Triangle.

Laser bullets:
Host an online game. Press Start during game play, then hold L2 and press L32, X, R32, Circle, L32, Square, R32, Triangle. Bullets from Alpha team/Rainbow will be blue lasers, while those from Bravo Team/terrorists will be red lasers.

Rank bonuses
Attain the indicated rank to unlock the corresponding items for multi-player mode.

1st Lieutenant 214000 experience points: Headgears 4 Half-Face Mask, Reinforced Helm, Tactical Goggles
2nd Lieutenant 172000 experience points: Camo 3 Pink, Blue, Woodland, Wasp, Sand, Crimson
Captain 264000 experience points: Merc Weapons MG36, SPAS12, Deagle
Colonel 535000 experience points: Headgears 5 Ballistic Face Mask, Riot Helm, NVGs
Corporal 14500 experience points: Camo 1 Desert, Urban, Russian, Guerrilla, Fall, Desert 2
Elite 675000 experience points: Camo 5 Custom 1, Custom 2, Custom 3
First Sergeant 109500 experience points: Headgears 3 Bonnie Hat, Beret, Tinted Goggles
Lt. Colonel 425000 experience points: Camo 4 Yellow Urban, Red Urban, Tiger, Rust, Urban 2, Grey
Major 330000 experience points: Military Armor Vier Recon Armor, Diamondback Combat Armor, Anaconda Assault Armor
Master Sergeant 82500 experience points: Freedom Fighter weapons AK47, Raging Bull, SV98
Private 1st Class 3000 experience points: Headgears 1 Tactical Helm, Balaclava
Sergeant 23500 experience points: Tactical Armor Raven Recon Armor, Vulture Combat Armor, Falcon Assault Armor
Sergeant First Class 56500 experience points: Camo 2 Flecktarn, Orange, Swedish, War2k5, Alpen, White
Sergeant Major 139000 experience points: Black Market Armor Typhoon Recon Armor, Cyclone Combat Armor, Hurricane Assault Armor
Specialist 8400 experience points: Rainbow Weapons MP7A1, SIG552, USP40
Staff Sergeant 38500 experience points: Headgears 2 3 Hole Balaclava, Baseball Cap, Breathing Mask

Play the Fremont Street level and look for a ledge that has a bottle of Axe cologne. Shoot the bottle. The neon roof of the Fremont Street Experience will change to an animation of a girl in a bikini with some Axe items. This is followed by a sequence with outtakes and early animations

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