Redneck Rampage Rides Again - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

Usage: RD key:

Code Effect
hounddog Toggle God Mode
all All Guns Ammo Inventory Keys
meadow Warp to Episode Level
yerat Toggle View Location
view Toggle View Mode F7
time ???
unlock Toggle Lock
cluck ???
items All Items
rate Show Frame Rate
skill Skill Level
teachers "You Were All Wrong=" Message
moonshine Get Some Moonshine
critters Toggle Monster Respawn
rafael "For You Grandpa" Message
showmap Toggle All Map
elvis Toggle God Mode
clip Toggle Clipping Mode
guns All Guns
inventory All Inventory
keys All Keys
debug Toggle Debug Mode
joseph Get the Motorcycle
mrbill Inflict Heavy Damage on Yourself
tony ???
gary ???
rhett Instant Death
aaron Mushroom Mode
nocheat Turns Off All Cheats
woleslagle Toggle Drunk Mode
mikael All Items
greg Get the Boat
noah Toggle Alternate Debug Info
arijit Get the Boat
donut Get the Boat
kfc Chicken Mode
van ???

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