Ricochet Lost Worlds: Recharged v1.1.29.1 - Cheat Codes case insensitivebr


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NOTE: ALL the Cheat Codes can be entered multiple times.

Cheat Codes case insensitive:
KillMeNow [Unknown Effect]
May or may not be a cheat code. If so, we assume it Kills you
and takes away one Life.

DebugGetRings All but 2 ring collected
gives golden rings for all Rounds of the selected/loaded level
pack except for Rounds 1 & 2

DebugUnlockLast Last Checkpoints Unlocked
unlock access to most Round of the selected/loaded level pack.
However, this will not unlock Rounds within the Final Starting

DebugUnlockAll All Checkpoints Unlocked
unlock access to all Rounds of the selected/loaded level pack

DebugSkip Skip to the next Round

dirtyrect Direct rect display enabled. Press F3 show show

showMPH Ball speed display activated

showFPS Display Graphical Frames Per Second
seems to be no way to turn it off within the game
To force it off, edit the file in your game directory:
"Ricochet Lost Worlds Recharged.CFG"

Change the FPS line to:
Display FPS=0

Cheatzach Toggles Crazy Points Display
Toggles Normal Points Display

debugleft Display "You are cheating" message
[Other effects are Unknown]

debugright Display "You are cheating" message
[Other effects are Unknown]

flipad Change flip the Advertisement in the Upper Right of the Screen

CheatReverse Toggles Controls Reversed on/off
as in: "Left goes Right" & "Right goes Left"

1. Start the game.
2. The cheats work best when a Round has been loaded and you are in control of
the paddle. However, most seem to work in the Menu System too, but have
little effect. Just FYI.
3. Enter your codes.
Just type the words of the Code you want to use and realize that there is
no need to hit the ENTER key at the end either.
The game will make a Sound and usually Display a Screen Message upon
successful entry of a Code.
The game will know that you are cheating and probably Rank you as a Cheater
in the High Scores section.

-from TNT

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