Ridge Racer Revolution - 360 Degree Spinning Mode


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360 Degree Spinning Mode

Highlight the Select option on the PreSeason screen. Hold Square X and select your track car transmission etc all using Start. After making your selections hightlight the Start option on the PreRace screen while holding Square X Select. Keep holding everything until the race is about to begin.

8 Extra Cars

Destroy all the aliens in the Galaga '88 game.

Bug Car

On the Galaga '88 screen that says "That is galatic dancing=" hold L1 R1 Down Select. When the enemies start attacking continue to hold down the buttons and press Triangle to enable the homing laser. Once the actual racing begins the cars will look like buggy's.

Controls Spotlights

Hold L1 R1 at the Main Menu.

External View Zoom

In external view pause and hold Triangle then press L1/R1 to zoom in/out. Press together to reset.

Mirror Mode

At the start of a new race drive off the starting grid a little turn around and accelerate to 60mph. When your car hits the wall it will break through and you will be racing on an inverted track.

Secret Bonus

Let all 40 aliens pass you by and get a score of 0 in Galaga '88. A single firework will go off and the message "Secret Bonus" will appear on the screen. Go to the Other screen.

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