Romance of the Three Kingdoms 7 - Surprise Characters

Romance of the Three Kingdoms 7 - Surprise Characters

Surprise Characters

Use one of the First and Last Name combinations below when naming a character

Abe Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Benedict Arnold
Betsy Ross
Crazy Horse
Daniel Boone
Genghis Khan
Jeanne Darc
Julius Caesar
Mark Antony
Robert Lee
Robin Hood
Sitting Bull
Sun Tzu
Thomas Paine
Ulysses Grant
Wyatt Earp

Multi-player mode

Select any scenario and choose a character as usual. Start the scenario, then press L1 L2 R1 R2 Select during your turn. Select the "Add Player Officer" on the menu that appears. All playable characters in the current scenario will appear. Select a character for player two, then repeat to use up to eight controllable characters. To use created characters in multi-player mode, use the same steps as described previously except select ''New Officer'' if you want to play as a Ronin or ''New Country'' to play as a Liege. If both players are using created Liege characters, first register both under ''New Country''. Then, select them from the ''Ruler'' list and follow the rest of the steps.