Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA - Secret Cars

Rush 2: Extreme Racing USA - Secret Cars

Secret Cars

Collect hidden keys to activate the secret cars for each track. Every 4 keys you collect you will activate one secret car. You will need all 12 keys to unlock the Prototype car and to get a Mountain Dew Racer collect all 4 Mountain Dew cans.

Secret Midway Track and Rocket Car

Place first overall in the Circuit Mode.

Cheat Menu

At the Setup screen hold CUp CDown CLeft CRight L R Z. This will enable the Cheat Menu. Then highlight a cheat option and press CUp CDown CLeft CRight L R Z repeatedly until the option is selectable.
Submitted by: Ryan

Stop Game Timer

Press Z hold CDown and then hold CUp release CDown and while holding CUp press CDown.
Submitted by: Kristie Dunn

Tag Mode

Select Practice Mode with Two Players. After both players have select their cars keep pressing CUp during the countdown. When the race begins "It" will appear on Player Two's screen. When the car that is not "It" is destroyed he becomes "It". There's also a timer that will keep track on how long the current player has been "It".