Second Sight - Unlock mini game XSpace 3992

Second Sight

Unlock mini game X-Space '92

On a floppy disk hidden in the madness level. Just after the reception desk section through to the right in the center of the corridors with all the mental patients there is a room with the shotgun. On the top of one of the shelves is a floppy disk. Use Telekinesis to reach it. Use in any computer on the level to play, the reception computer is closest.

Unlock mini game Earth Impact

On the reliance level in the right hand building on the ground floor is an arcade machine. Both of these games High scores are tracked in your statistics menu.

Assault Training

In the training level, when youre finished with the handgun training and the solider tells you to go back through the course this time with a gun don't immediately go through the door. Instead, go back up to where you first entered the level, all the way to the end of the hall to locker room. There will be an assault rifle laying on the floor.

Speed Up Decontamination

In the Experimentation level you will find a decontamination room with the door locked. If you want to open that door you need to use Telekinesis in one fan behind the cristal in the left of the door to accelerate the decontamination process.