Shadow Hearts: Covenant - Kurando39s Ultimate Weapon


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Kurando's Ultimate Weapon

After the movie at the platform with Kato go back to the Inugami Village and talk to Saki. She gives you an errand at the Dog Shrine. There you will find Kurando's Ultimate Weapon.

Solomon's Crest

To get the Solomon's Crest, complete the crest in the Solomon's Key with the proper arrangement. Then you'll have to defeat King Solomon himself. Once you've won, he will give you his crest which has the ability Melt Crest.

Theatrical Mode

Beat the game once to activate the Theater Mode. It allows you to watch the movies and semi-movies from the game.

Good Ending

Before your final battles, Jeanne will ask you happiness is for you. Select the first one, "to live my life the way I want" to get a good ending. If you select, "to live a peaceful life" you will get a bad ending.

Lucia's Special Accessory

Go to Florence and talk to Carla. She will tell you to meet Lawrence at Southampton. There he will propose to Lucia and give her a "bride's dress". It has no special attributes. Equip it to see Lucia battle in her bride's

In the Tower, when going to beat Nicoli, you do the Murderers weight and then the wheight that starts with an A. In the Foriegn Graveyard, on disc 2, you need to break the seals red stars. Once you get the first seal, go through the red star. Once you get to the fork of Lemon and Sakichi, take the left turn to get to the dispelling charm.

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