Shattered Planet

Shattered Planet


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Use the following hints to help complete the game more easily.

Blighted tiles:
Blighted tiles will only do damage if they are completely covered. If a tile is
speckled or partially covered, you can pass over it safely.

Glowing red eyes in the fog indicate an unknown enemy, native, or object. Eyes
that move are usually enemies or Natives. Stationary eyes are crystal rocks or
random event objects. If you become overwhelmed, just run away. There is no
requirement to kill all enemies that are encountered.

Test unidentified fluids on yourself when you are at least two-thirds health.
By doing this, restorative fluids will help you while harmful fluids will not
kill you outright. Test fluids away from ledges and in larger spaces to avoid
getting moved into danger.

Managing inventory:
If you find a useful consumable item but are short on inventory space, drop the
same type of item from your inventory on the ground. Pick up the newly found
consumable and use it, then collect the item that was dropped earlier.

Move one tile at a time to minimize surprises in unknown areas.
You can jump off ledges to reach the next area without having to find a teleporter. However, this will cost health. Tap off the tiles into open air or use "catapult" fluids.

Most Natives are peaceful and will fight your enemies. You can then collect the
rewards after the battle ends.

Concentrate on increasing your health early in the game to give yourself greater survivability. After getting enough health, start upgrading your strength in order to defeat enemies more quickly.

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