Shattered Steel - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

During battle press Enter enter any of the following "Codes" then press Enter again:

Code Effect
storm ???
door ???
gonzales Increase Speed of Mech
ragnarok Eject From Runner
smite Instantly Kill Target
capone Several Other Runners Appear for Backup
henchman Large Bot Appears for Backup
fnord 210mm Howitzer
cleese ???
blipplebloops Rapid Laser
ratsnest Med Laser
numberchaser Mines
cqg 8 Pack Rox
gfy 18 Pack Rox
bcua li8 Pack
dingleberry Heavy Laser
kwahamot Guided Missiles
fishheads Ir Missiles
bumsauce Heavy Plasma Gun
napalminthemorning Fre Gun
eatmyshorts Mortar
jumpgate ???
kicksomebutt Plasma/64 Pack Rox
tinkerbell Nova Gun
dogan 120mm Gun
curvedlines 50mm Gat Gun
hardcore Fre Gun
bigones 70mm Gat Gun
stool Mines
pyrotek Fire Birage
lockandload Reloads All Weapons to Full
imouttahere Win Mission and Leave
win ???
i love to cheat ???
rodrigo Add Air Support
monkeyslunch ???
chernobyl Nuke
teleport Teleport to Other Parts of Map

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