Shrek-N-Roll - Achievements


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Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Get Your Feet Wet 5 points: Clear Academy Classic.
Top of the Class 10 points: Clear all Worcestershire Academy levels.
Shiver Me Timbers 15 points: Clear all Docks levels.
Feels Like Home 15 points: Clear all Swamp levels.
Castle King 20 points: Clear all Evil Queen&8217;s Castle levels.
Parfait 25 points: Clear all the Evil Queen&8217;s Castle levels without losing a ball.
Join the club; We Got Jackets 20 points: Unlock all characters.
Big Bad Wolf 20 points: 10 Vs. Victories.
Babies Love Food 10 points: Give the ball to Ogre Baby 100 times.
Is it Ogre Yet? 20 points: Clear any board 5x in Score Attack.
Dronkey Good Times 20 points: 3 Dronkey attacks in one game.
Our minds are becoming one 20 points: 10 Co-op victories.

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