Sid Meier's Pirates

Sid Meier's Pirates

Easy Specialists:
Attacking and boarding a smuggler's vessel usually yields a specialist Carpenter, Sail maker, etc.

More Money when Dividing the Plunder:
Sell everything you have except for the flagship you want to keep. This lowers your crew, which in turns raises your "share" of the Loot

Double Shot:
When choosing ammo type select the chain balls. Then, directly after firing, click round balls and you will fire both of these ammo types in the same shot.

Get Rank of Duke With All Nations:
Simply attack a town and defeat all of the enemys soldiers, then place a governor in charge, visit him and you will be promoted. Then leave the town and immediately attack it again and install a different governor, this will have the effect of making that nation very happy and promoting you up a level. Simply repeat the process until you a a Duke with every nation. It also has the added bonus of increasing the amount of land that you own. Just make sure you have enough troops to begin with.

Pirate-O-Pedia Hidden Pages:
To find the hidden pages in the Pirate-O-Pedia you must select the period at the end of the indicated word on the listed page.

Dread Pirate Chris
Page: Campeche
Word: here

Frank the Green Monkey
Page: Florida Keys
Word: sell

Dead Money
Page: Maracaibo
Word: you

The Sprinkler
Page: San Juan
Word: enforced

Double Shot Glitch:
If you select the 'Chain Balls' when choosing your ammo type and then when you have immediately fired it click the 'Round Balls' you will fire both types of ammo with the same shot.

The following ships will appear in the game when the corresponding requirement is met.

Royal Sloop (Sloop Class):
Often seen as a Pirate Hunter out of Spanish ports. If you attack shipping around a Spanish port one may come out to attack.

Brig Of War (Brig Class):
Often seen as Military Payroll carriers, or Troop Transports. They attack as normal but will have large amounts of enemy crew.

Large Frigate:
Henry Morgan has a Large Frigate. Boarding his ship leads to a fairly easy sword fight, even under the Rogue difficulty.

Mail Runner (Pinnace Class):
Offer to escort a war declaration or peace offering from a colony, then attack the courier once out of port.

Ship Of The Line (Frigate Class):
Relentlessly attack shipping of the English, French, or Dutch and keep watch for a 'New Warship' (Ship Of The Line) sailing around.

Unlock Alternate Dialogue:
If you set the system date to September 19th you will make everyones dialogue sound like a pirate.