Silent Line: Armored Core - Get Defeated AC39s Emblems

Silent Line: Armored Core - Get Defeated AC39s Emblems

Get Defeated AC's Emblems

At the victory slogan press StartSelect

Get More Parts

Get a A or S rank on missions

Karawsa right arm unit

Unlike Armored Core 2 you do not have to find this weapon. Just play the game until you get the second mail with new parts for the shop. Go in the shop and go to right arm unit, way down where the laser rifles are you will find the Karawsa and it competitor.

Train AI ac better

The best way you can train your AI ac is by fighting in the higher level arena matches. eg. I fought and beat Mobius 5 times and I noticed that my AI ac's attacks were way more accurate than before. Its also good to train him by defeating the weaker opponents with its left arm weapon.

Secret Weapon

On one mission that is called Protect Transport Aircraft. Don't destroy the aircraft. Wait until they start to unload the parts. When the aircraft starts to take off the rear door should still be open. Quickly grab the weapon The mission will fail but I think it is worth it. The weapon is a rifle that fires three shots at once.

missing parts

In some missions that I have played I have found some missing parts. these are hints not cheats

the first one is a right handed rifle which is found in the aircraft mission when you have to defend a aircraft that is carrying parts.

the second one is when you have to work as a decoy for mirage's recon team. the part is in a dead end spot like cave.

the third one is in the mission when you have to stand on an elevator repeatedly to go into a building destroying enemies. on the last floor when you face the ac that comes after you destroy the mts. in the middle of the room you will find an ac part.

the fourth one is in the mission where you have to destroy the ai prototype. the part is a shield and is found in the room where it is separated in 3 sections. the part is located in middle section.

overweight ac

You don't have to beat the game to have an overweight Ac, just build an Ac you like. However a default an overweight Ac will slow your bot down.