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This is simply a guidethrough

1.0 Illnesses
2.0 Need
2.1 Hygiene
2.2 Bladder
2.3 Hunger
2.4 Comfort
2.5 Energy
2.6 Social
3.0 Tips

The dogs / cats that come to the vets you are ill. They will have flu, worms, fleas, broken limb, lodged item or will be ugly or dirty. It is your job to cure the problem. You can tell if they have flu/worms/fleas/broken limd/logden item because it will say unhealthy. Or it will say Healthy meaning ugly/dirty. Cure Flu - Pet Medicine - 3days Worms - Worm-b-gone fodd - 3days Fleas - flea shampoo - 3days brokenlimb - bandage - 5days ugly - dress up - 1day dirty - wash - 1day When you have decided wether or not to look after the pet click x you can treat the pet urslf or send 2 specialist. If u cure urself place in Kennel. Now the dgs are cured wait for the owner to pick them up as this will giv u money. If u send them back you do not gain any money as you are saying i can not cure them. You will recieve on average 1,500 simulons per pet. Some people do not tip fairly with the tips ranging fom 250 - 750 simulons.

The Needs are:
Hygiene - Cleanliness
Bladder - Need Toilet
Hunger - Need to Eat
Comfort - Sitting / Sleeping
Energy - Need to sleep

Hygiene can be sort by a quick rinse in the shower or by washing your hands. If your hygiene level becomes to low a bar will come across the bottom of the touch screen saying " Pheww.... is that you?"

Bladder needs can be sorted by using the toilet is your bladder becomes to low reda bar will come across the bottom of the touch screen saying "the doctor could really use the toilt soon." If you do not go to the toilet soon you pee all over teh floor.

Hunger is easy to fufill if you know how 2. The eaiest meal to cook is eggs. This is the first meal unlocked at the beginning of the game. Simply place the egg in the frying pan and leave there til the counter reaches 9 then quickly remove the pan til it reaches the 8. then click the tick. It might say "You are a wonderful coutlinary perfectioist" in the best case or "ewww.. you burnt the food the doctor can not eat this" in the worst case If hunger is not fufilled you pass out.

Comfort is easy, sit down or sleep

Energy is simple. All you have to do is ... nothing. When the clinic closes you go to sleep & wake-up again @ 7:30. If you are finding that you are getting tired during the day go 4 a quick nap.

When visiting the clinic you can talk 2 customers or visit the park.

My tips are
B4 u go 2 bed go to the loo & have a shower & eat then when you wake up in the morning you can care 4 ur pets with having to worry about your needs. But fufill them later
When having a pet that needs 3 days to recover treat them the day you get them then if you miss a day by accident you have a day 2 catch up on it.

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