SiN - Various Cheats


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Various Cheats

All of the following work in both the Full and Demo versions of SiN. During gameplay press the tidle then type any of the following "Codes":

Code Effect
/health 999 Health 999
/wuss All Weapons
/superfuzz God Mode
/nocollision No Clipping
/wallflower No Target
/spawn magnum Gives the Magnum
/spawn shotgun Gives the Shotgun
/spawn assaultrifle Gives the Assaultrifle
/spawn rocklauncher Gives the Rocket Launcher
/spawn sniperrifle Gives the Sniper Rifle
/spawn heligun Gives the Big Gun from the Chopper
/spawn reactiveshields Gives the Reactive Shield
/spawn rockets Gives Rockets
/spawn coin Gives a Coin
/spawn health Gives a Health Pack
/spawn cookies Gives a Pack of Cookies
/spawn lensflare Makes a LightEffect
/spawn silencer Gives a Silencer for the Gun and the Machine Gun
/give thrallgun Gives a Hidden Weapon
bind "togglezoommode" Gives the Sniper Zoom Scope for any weapon pressed whereas is the level of zoom

Submitted by: Kurt van Rysseghem ICQ 25573896 Dennis

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