Sky Surfer - Trick moves


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Trick moves

Scorpion -- Circle, Triangle, X
Menhouse Surprise -- Square, Triangle, X
Opening Touring Car -- Square, Square, Square, Circle
The Plate -- Triangle, X Triangle, XThe Plate
Tidy Bowel In The Hole -- Square, X Circle, X
Bending Reed -- Triangle, Square, X Circle
Propeller -- Square, Triangle, X Circle
Free Fall -- Triangle, X, X Triangle
Burner Speed -- Circle, Circle, Circle, Square
Snow Ball -- Triangle, Square, Square, Circle
Avalanche -- Triangle, Circle, Circle, Square
Rolling Barrel Left -- X Circle, Circle, X
Rolling Barrel Right -- X Square, Square, X

Ride a dirt bike

Press L, L2, R, X, R2, L, Circle, X ALSO reported as press L, L, R, X, R2, L, circle, X

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