Skylanders Swap Force

Skylanders Swap Force


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Unlock Nightmare Difficulty:
Beat the game to unlock this feature.


To get every element and movement type combination you only need 8 Swap Force Skylanders. There are two cycles of 8 and fortunately the two characters you get in the starting pack, Blast Zone and Wash Buckler are part of the same cycle which means you only need to buy another 6, these are:

Wave 1 Characters:
1. Rattle Shake (Undead/Jump)
2. Hoot Loop (Magic/Teleport)
3. Magna Charge (Tech/Speed)
4. Free Ranger (Air/Spin)

Wave 3 Characters:
5. Stink Bomb (Life/Stealth)
6. Rubble Rouser (Earth/Spin)

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