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FAQ v3.0

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by Chris Kohler

Faster Sonic Spins

Tap X or B several times.
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Play as Tails

Once Tails is obtained during the game use Controller Two to control him.
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Play as Super Sonic

Before Super Sonic becomes available you must complete all six of the individual character quests. You start with a WHOLE bunch of movies. Finally you will get to control your blue speedy self. Head through the Ice Cave towards the Floating Island's resting place to find Knux and Eggman. You will have another vision with Tikal. Run up to the temple. After a couple more movies head to where Tikal is. Follow her. After some more movies head back to the Mystic Ruin's Rain Forest. A lot more movies including a nice FMV and Tikal will the flesh After some MORE movies one of which includes a cameo of every single one of the other five characters Sonic takes the 7 Emeralds and morphs into the ultimate Super Sonic
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View Artwork

Put the game disc in a PC CD drive to find pictures from the game.
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Full Pause Screen

Pause gameplay and press X Y.
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Alternate Twinkle Park Race Views

During the Twinkle Park Race press Up.
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Alternate Snowboards

Just before entering the snowboarding portion of the game press X to get a blue board or b for a yellow board.
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Play as Super Knuckles

Complete the game using all six charactes then complete it again using Knuckles. Now at the Character Selection screen hold X B.
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Mega Characters

Unlock Super Sonic above then start another game using that character. Obtain all the crystals and successfully complete the game. At the Character Selection screen choose anyone to get a Mega version of the character.
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Bonus NiGHTS Area

When playing in the pinball of the casino level drop in the top hole to reach another pinball machine. Now drop into the middle hole to reach an area based on NiGHTS.
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Get Lots of Coins with Knuckles

Go to almost any spot of dirt or grass as Knuckles then press A B to dig a hole and you should have lots of coins.
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Play as Metallic Sonic

At the Character Selection screen highlight Sonic and press A B X Y L R Left and press Start.
Submitted by Shaquileoneal34

Play as Super Amy

After u beat super sonic highlight sonic the press L then highlight tails pressY highlight knuckles pressR highlight Amy press L R then press start.
Submitted by Rouge and Amy

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