Sports Champions

Sports Champions


I Can Throw A Disc (Bronze)
Objective: Win a Disc Golf match in any mode.

Ace! (Bronze)
Objective: Get a hole-in-one in Disc Golf.

My Aim Is True (Bronze)
Objective: Get a score of 5000 or better in Disc Golf Challenge Mode.

Fore! (Bronze)
Objective: Toss 20 discs close enough to an opponent in Disc Gold to make them get out of the way in Champions Cup.

I Hit Someone (Bronze)
Objective: Win a Gladiator Duel match in any mode.

King Of The Ring (Bronze)
Objective: Win 30 matches in Gladiator Duel by knocking your opponent out of the ring in Champions Cup.

Man Or Machine? (Bronze)
Objective: Get a score of 15,000 or better in Gladiator Duel Challenge Mode.

Super Parry! (Bronze)
Objective: Successfully parry (block using JUST your weapon) a 'Super Strike' attempt againt all 10 opponents in Gladiator Duel playing in Champions Cup.

I Can Aim (Bronze)
Objective: Win an Archery match in any mode.

Hat Trick! (Bronze)
Objective: Score 3 bull's-eyes in a row on floating Archery targets.

Sharpshooter! (Bronze)
Objective: Get a score og 15,000 or better in any Archery Challenge Mode.

The Splits (Bronze)
Objective: Split three arrows in a row in any Archery mode.

Over The Net (Bronze)
Objective: Win a Beach Volleyball match in any mode.

Shutout! (Bronze)
Objective: Win a match in Beach Volleyball without allowing your opponent to score a single point (any mode, any number of sets, and a minimum of 11 points per set).

Beach King (Bronze)
Objective: Get a score of 20,000 or better in Beach Volleyball Challenge Mode.

High Five, Low Five (Bronze)
Objective: Win a multiplayer cooperative game in Beach Volleyball.

I Have Heard Of Bocce (Bronze)
Objective: Win a Bocce match in any mode.

Sweep! (Bronze)
Objective: Sweep a frame by scoring a point on every ball your threw in one round of Bocce.

Bombs Away! (Bronze)
Objective: Get a score of 15,000 or better in Bocce Challenge Mode.

Follow The Bouncing Ball (Bronze)
Objective: Win a Table Tennis match in any mode.

Rally Tally (Bronze)
Objective: Get a rally of at least 25 in a Table Tennis match (AND win the point) in any mode.

Clownin' On Robots (Bronze)
Objective: Get a score of 15,000 or better in Table Tennis Challenge Mode.

Speedy Edge Spinster (Bronze)
Objective: Hit 10 blazing fast spinning shots that nick off the edge of the table playing Table Tennis in Champions Cup.

Look Ma, 2 Hands! (Bronze)
Objective: Play at 1 match of Gladator Duel, Archery, and Beach Volleyball in Champion's Cup or Free Play using two motion controllers.

Social Gamer (Bronze)
Objective: Play a multiplayer game in every event.

I Can Do Better (Bronze)
Objective: Replay a previously won Champions Cup match (any event) and improve your score.

Bronzed Arms (Bronze)
Objective: Win the Bronze Cup in every event.

A Star Is Born (Bronze)
Objective: Earn 10 stars in Champions Cup.

Shining Star (Bronze)
Objective: Earn 150 stars in Champions Cup.

All Too Easy... (Silver)
Objective: Shoot a score of -10 or better over the full 18 hole course in Disc Golf.

Super Striker! (Silver)
Objective: Complete 50 'Super Strikes' in Gladiator Duel playing in Champions Cup.

Bull's Eye! (Silver)
Objective: Get 100 bull's-eyes in Archery playing in Champions Cup.

Defensive Specialist! (Silver)
Objective: Make 50 diving digs and 100 blocks in Beach Volleyball playing in Champions Cup.

Outta My Way! (Silver)
Objective: Hit 30 opponent balls out of the way to claim the inside position (aka 'Super Shots') in Champions Cup.

Great Balls Of Fire! (Silver)
Objective: Win 100 rallies in Table Tennis with Smash Winners in Champions Cup.

Silver Cups (Silver)
Objective: Win the Silver Cup in every event.

Shooting Star! (Silver)
Objective: Earn 300 stars in Champions Cup.

Total Shutout! (Silver)
Objective: Win a Match in every event without losing a hole (Disc Golf), round (Gladiator Duel, Archery), or point (Beach Volleyball, Bocce, Table Tennis) in Champions Cup.

Stay Gold (Gold)
Objective: Win the Gold Cup in every event.

Owned All (Gold)
Objective: Win a match with all 10 characters, in every event, playing any mode.

Super Star! (Gold)
Objective: Earn 600 stars in Champions Cup.

Living Legend (Platinum)
Objective: Congratulations! You are a true CHAMPION.

Secret Trophies

High Roller (Bronze)
Objective: Earn at least 500,000 points in your total score. Nigel would be proud.