Super Smash Bros. - FAQMove List v10

Super Smash Bros. - FAQMove List v10

FAQ/Move List v1.0

by Scott Jacobi

Borrow a Life

During a Team Multiplayer Match if you are defeated but your teammate still has one or more life press A B Z Start.

Change Outfits

At the Character Selection screen press all four C buttons.

Classic Mushroom Kingdom

Beat the game in OnePlayer Mode with each of the original eight characters. Make sure to set the difficulty to normal and stock to three.

Item Menu

In Vs. Mode pick any 3 computer players and your character. Play Stock Mode and set the lives to 10 the computer handicaps to 5. If you win go to the Options under Vs. then go to Items Switch.

Music Test

Complete Bonus 1 and 2 with all characters including the secret ones. A Music Test option will appear on the data screen.

Play as Luigi

Pass the Bonus Practice 1 with at least 8 main characters. Then defeat Luigi when he challenges you.

Play as Ness

Beat the game on Normal without continuing. Set your number of lives to 3. After you've defeated the boss wait for the credits to finish then fight Ness. Defeat him and he'll become available.

Play as White or Black Kirby

At the Character Selection screen highlight Kirby and hold L and press CLeft CUp to play as White Kirby. To play as Black Kirby hold L and press CDown CRight.

Play as Captain Falcon

Beat the game in under 20 minutes then defeat him when he challenges you.
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Play as Purin

Beat the game then defeat him when he challenges you.
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Classic Mario Stage

Beat the game with all 8 main characters.
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Donkey Kong Tip

TIP: If you are Donkey, it's easy to win the championship and to get the boy genius.

Character Preview

Hold Z and press the Analog-stick at the character biography screen for a character preview.

Fox:Easy Kill

When playing as Fox in versus mode with a setting of 200 damage, approach any opponent. If stuck next to him, press B Down. Fox will use Reflect. In the instance, the opponent touches the Reflector and is blown away. If lucky he will be kicked out of the stage. Note: Reflect attack is only valid within about half a second. For example, if Reflect is used when an opponent runs, if the opponent reaches Fox within a second he will be blown away. However, this will not happen if an opponent touches you if you are using reflect.

Ness:Flips You Off

Choose versus mode and select Ness as one of the fighters. Complete the R move, and immediately after you release, press Start. If timed correctly, it would appear that Ness is giving you the finger.

Kill Invincible Opponents

To kill an opponent when they have the star or are invincible, get them to block your attack and keep doing combos on them. This works best with kirby. Then after they block, their shield goes down and they become dizzy. Then all you have to do is knock them off the edge.

Alternate Congratulations Screen

Begin game play in one player mode using any character, difficulty setting, and number of lives. If you reach a total score of 1,000,000 points or more, an "Incredible" message will appear on the congratulations screen.

Quick Healing

Go to the Silph Co. stage as any character. When Chansey pops out of the building, run into it as fast as you can. If done correctly, you will get 5 hit points taken away.

Extra Points

The following trick may be used to get an extra 100 points in each level. Defeat your opponent in one player mode. Press L to taunt just before he dies. If your character is in a taunt when the camera zooms in for the scores, 100 points will be awarded for the fighter's stance.

Losing points

You will lose points after losing all lives and continues.

Control Credits Screen

Press one of the following buttons during the credits. Press Analog-stick to change the angle and move the target. Press Start A to scroll faster, or to return to normal speed. Select a name with the target and press A to view details about their work in the game. Press B to pause or resume the scrolling.


Hold Z or R block until your character explodes.

Easy Win

To win almost any battle easily, just make any character go into the air, then jump up and press Up L to do a powerful kick. This should make your opponent fly up. Repeat until your opponent flies into the horizon.

Extra boost

When you use the powerful Up B attack most characters will do an attack that will give them another extra boost. This is most effective after a jump and a double jump. Here is what happens. Ness: Press Up B to make him do PK Thunder. However, if you make it turn and hit him, he will get a very powerful boost in any direction. You will not get hurt. Fox: Press Up B and he will do a charge for Fire Fox. He can do it in any direction by pressing the Analog-stick when he charges. Samus: Press Up B to do a mid-air roll that does damage similar to Mario's Super Jump. Pikachu: Press UpB to do Agility. If you press Left or Right immediately after that, you will move twice. Jigglypuff: Pressing Up B does not do anything. However, if you jump, punch, float, punch, and continue in that pattern you can go very far distances but not much in height. Kirby: Press Up B to make Kirby do his Final Cutter, making it go slightly higher for a split second. Do this only if you know that a quick, short boost will get you to where you want to go. Mario: Press Up B to have Mario do his Super Jump, giving him about as much boost as a regular jump would. Luigi: Same as Mario. Yoshi: None. Captain Falcon: Press Up B to have him do a spin in mid-air that can easily be controlled. Donkey Kong: Press Up B to have him do a helicopter attack that will boost him. This will not boost him if he is on the ground. Link: Press Up B and he will do a sword spin attack that boosts him. This will not boost him if he is touching the ground.

Donkey Kong: Quick KO

Play as Donkey Kong. As soon as you see the player you want to defeat, walk up to them and press R. Walk off the edge while still carrying your opponent, and let go when you know he or she will not make it back. You will get a point for knocking off your opponent, and lose a point for falling. Your opponent will just lose a point. Although you will not gain anything, your friend will lose something, thus giving you the advantage. Note: This works best when playing one-on-one. Select Donkey Kong in versus mode and character as the CPU opponent. Go to the Mushroom Kingdom or Castle stage. At the Mushroom Kingdom stage, knock your opponent left until you are under the large brick that has a green tube on the top of it. Press B Down to do the Ground Pound. Since there is a brick in the way to stop your opponent from flying up, he will bounce back and lay there. Repeatedly press B Down to get his/her percentage to 999. At the Castle stage, throw your opponent to the left until he/she is under the small green tower. Keep pressing B Down to get their percentage to 999. Note: This can be done easily when in training mode and having the CPU just stand there.

Captain Falcon: Extra damage with red shells

Select the Classic Mushroom Kingdom stage in training mode as Captain Falcon with Jigglypuff as your opponent. Het your opponent under the lowest platform on the right side of the stage. Go on that platform and pause game play with three red shells just right of where your opponent is. Put out the last one a bit to the left of the other three. Get to the left of your opponent, almost "inside" him, and perform Captain Falcon's Uppercut Punch Analog-stick Up, A. This will send Jigglypuff into the shells while at the same time you will hit the shells with the Uppercut Punch, causing them to move. There will be many of the sounds when a shell hits an opponent, and Jigglypuff's and your damage will go up rapidly to over 200

Captain Falcon: Green team costumes

Use the following trick to get a yellowish-green costume with a yellow helmet and yellow boots. Select team battle and put Caption Falcon on the green team. Note: This is the only way to get this costume. For other players such as Donkey Kong or Samus, you have no green costume; putting them on the green team will give them a green costume.

Donkey Kong: Pokemon punch

When playing as Donkey Kong, choose the Pokemon Silph Co. stage, then press B button to make him wind up for a punch. When the door opens, while the Pokemon is still inside, approach the door, but do not get close enough to force it out. Press B again to throw the punch and the Pokemon will go flying. This can also be done with the hammer weapon. Approach the door when it opens, but do not let the Pokemon out. Simply walk into the door and the Pokemon should go flying. Note: This trick only works on some Pokemon.

Donkey Kong: Easy win

The following trick works best in vs mode, with two or more stocks. Select Donkey Kong as a character and any level except for Samus' stage. Defeat your opponent once, then get close to the edge when he or she comes after your character. Grab him and press A to place him on your back. Then, jump off the level before he can get loose. Repeat this until you win as you can remain one life ahead of your opponent. Go to Hyrule Castle. Lure your opponent under the green castle. When your opponent gets there, hold Down B and until your opponent's is very high. You can now most likely take them out with one hit. Begin game play in single player mode as Donkey Kong. When fighting with Metal Mario, press B Down to slap the ground. Use this technique until he is heavily damaged. In a minute, you should have damaged him up to 999. You can also blow him up in the sky.

Donkey Kong: Combos

Press Down B to hit your opponent. Then jump after him and press Up B to hit him again.