Superman Returns: The Videogame - God mode


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God mode:
Press Up2, Down2, Left, Right, Left, Right, Y, X.

All power-ups:
Press Left, Y, Right, X, Down, Y, Up, Down, X, Y, X.

All unlockables:
Press Left, Up, Right, Down, Y, X, Y, Up, Right, X.

Unlimited city health:
Press Y, Right, Y, Right,, Up,, Left, Right, Y.

Golden Age Superman costume:
Save Metropolis from the tornadoes.

Pod costume:
Defeat Bizarro.

Complete the following achievements to unlock Xbox Live Gamerscore points.

Hero of Metropolis 200 points: Complete All Metro Events And Mini-Games.

Armageddon Averted 30 points: Complete Level 01: Meteor Storm.

Mr. What's-his-name 50 points: Complete All Mini-Games.

You Am Bizarro 20 points: Complete The Bizarro Mini-Game.

Super Sonic 20 points: Finished All Fast Flyer Mini-Games.

Mr. Whiskers 50 points: Find All Kittens.

Souped-Up Superman 30 points: Obtain All 15 Power-Ups.

Frequent Flyer 30 points: Travel For 10,000 Miles.

Roadside Assistance 30 points: Pick Up 100 Cars Throughout The Game.

The Greatest Day 30 points: Play A Total Of 12 Hours.

Heavy Lifting 30 points: Lift 10,000 Tons Throughout The Game.

Additionally, there are seven secret achievements, all of which remain unknown at this time

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