Tekken 4 - Atmosphere glitches


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Atmosphere glitches

If you are fighting on the level with the people on your left and right, you can do a special to kill, K.O or flip a person into the air.Also if you are fighting in the Parking lot you can do a effective attack or special to send yuor enemy flying through a support beam

Get Miharu

Finish story mode using Xiaoyu then select her again using the circle button

Get Violet

Select Lee using the circle button

Get Schoolgirl Xiaoyu

Finish story mode using Xiaoyu then select her again using the triangle button

Get Panda

Select Kuma using the triangle button

Get Eddie Gordo

Finish story mode using Christie then select her again using the circle button

Get Theatre Mode

The Theater Mode gets opened up after you beat Story Mode once with whatever character. At that time you are able to listen to the stage soundtracks, view the movies of the character you just beat Story Mode with and the attract movies Arcade Intro, PlayStation2 Intro, and both EMBUs. You need to keep on beating Story Mode with different characters all ending movies. Getting all movies requires you the beat Story Mode with both Kuma and Panda.

Ling School Girl Outfit

Select Ling with Right Punch after you have beat Story Mode with Ling.

Releasing All Characters

Keep beating Arcade Mode or Story Mode with different characters until everybody is released. There is no hidden 'off screen' characters. What you see is what you get.

Get Dojo Stage

Finish all 4 Tekken Force Stages

Ranking password on internet

Successfully complete Time Attack, Survival, Tekken Force, or Training mode. Hold Square Triangle and press Up/Right to display a password that corresponds to your rank.
Enter it on the Japanese PlayStation2 Tekken 4 Namco site.

All characters

Successfully complete the game with the indicated character to unlock the corresponding fighter:

Hwoarang to unlock Jin Kazama
Christy to unlock Eddy Gordo
Xiaoyou to unlock Kuma/Panda Miharu is also selectable
Yoshimitsu to unlock Brian Fury
Bryan to unlock Violet, if Jin is already unlocked; otherwise, Jin
Violet to unlock Combot and Violet can now be Lee
Kazuya to unlock Nina
Nina to unlock Lei
Marduk, Paul, or Law to unlock Hiehachi unless all others are unlocked, in which case anyone unlocks him

Game Shark Codes

Master Code Must Be On 0E3C7DF2 1853E59E
EE968FC6 BCD2D252
Infinte Time CEA99E5A BCA9B163
Infinite Health in Tekken Force Mode CE945A6C BCA99C89
High Score in Tekken Force Mode D1B7A13E BCB8DDC2
Unlock Lei FEA83390 BCA99B86
Unlock Nina FEA8339D BCA99B86
Unlock Jin FEA83399 BCA99B86
Unlock Julia FEA83398 BCA99B86
Unlock Kuma FEA8339B BCA99B86
Unlock Bryan FEA8339A BCA99B86
Unlock Heihachi FEA833A5 BCA99B86
Unlock Violet FEA833A7 BCA99B86
Unlock Combot FEA833A0 BCA99B86
Unlock Theater FEA833AD BCA99B84
Unlock Movies DEA833FE BBA89A82
Sudden Death Mode 0EA99E5A BCA9A083
0EA99E5A BCA9A083
Player 1 Codes
Infinite Health CE945A6C BCA99B28
One-Hit Kills 0E944B0C BCA99B28
CE944B0C BCA99B88
One Round Won 0E9460BC BCA99B83
CE9460BC BCA99B84
Never Win CE9460BC BCA99B83
Player 2 Codes
Infinite Health CE944B0C BCA99B28
One-Hit Kills 0E945A6C BCA99B28
CE945A6C BCA99B88
One Round Won 0E94515C BCA99B83
CE94515C BCA99B84
Never Win CE94515C BCA99B83


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