Tekken Advance - Get kuma

Tekken Advance - Get kuma

Get kuma

Do arcade with paul 3 times kuma is a bear
Submitted by unknown

All characters

At the title screen hold A B and press L R R L L up up R and that will give u every hidden character

Unlock Heihachi

To unlock heihachi beat arcade mode with every character and you'll get him

New Outfits

While selecting your character press A to see different outfits

Unlock Tag Mode

Beat the game with Heihachi

Switch Team Order

At the VS screen In team battle mode Press the L and R buttons to alternate your team order.

Unlock team battle and vs.team battle

Beat Arcade mode with all default characters without continuing and you will see team battle and vs. team battle on the main menu.


When using the ten attack combos from the fimiliar playstation versions, try just doing the same thing with the a and b buttons, plus the d-pad. I just bought it and can use kings.
Submitted by goahn

Strongest guy

How to get Umble the strongest guy in tekken advance press L L R B E on the title
Submitted by Eddy

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