Tekken Tag Tournament - Start Match With Second Character

Tekken Tag Tournament - Start Match With Second Character

Start Match With Second Character

Hold Tag and press Start. Continue holding the "Tag" Button until the match starts.

Armor King's Hidden Costume

Select him as your first character and beat the game in Arcade Mode. Now, you can access his costume by hitting the Start Button.

Fight As Angel

Beat the Arcade Mode until Devil becomes unlcoked. At the Character select screen, highlight his screen and press Start.

Fight As Tiger

At the Character select screen, highlight Eddy's screen and press Start.

Access Gallery Mode

Unlock Devil to access the gallery mode.

Gold Tetsujin

To get Gold Tetsujin simply win 10 matches with Silver Tetsujin, or get player 2 to have Tetsujin then you pick Tetsujin.


You can unlock the Jukebox by bowling a score higher than 200 points during a game. Once you've done that you can hit start and access the bowling menu. Now, choose Bowling Options and choose your song.

Ling's FMV

To view two FMV sequences featuring Ling, beat the game with Ling one time, then beat the game a second time with Ling in her School uniform.

Secret Characters

Beat the game to unlock each secret character, which are opened in this order: Kunimitsu
Bruce Irvin
Lee Chaolan
Wang Jinrey
Roger & Alex
Kuma & Panda
Kazuya Mishima
True Ogre
Prototype Jack
Mokujin & Tetsujin
Devil and Angel

Get Tekken Bowl Mode

Unlock Ogre to access Tekken Bowl Mode.

Get Theater Mode

Beat the game one time to unlock the Theater Mode.

Knockout Dr. B

In Tekken Bowl, if you aim at Dr. B. in the background you can hit him and get a K.O.