Temple of Elemental Evil - Select map


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Select map

When running the game, use the following command line parameter: -startmap [map name]

Get frame rate

Use the following command line parameter: -fps Temple of Elemental Evil Cheats.

Turn off fog

Use the following command line parameter: -nofog

Turn off sound

Use the following command line parameter: -nosound

Infinite cash

You need a good cleric to do this one. Find somewhere you can rest for free, and set all of your cleric's first level spells to "Bless Water". Rest, and then cast your bless water as many times as possible. You can then sell your holy water as much as you want, and it is free to create more. Cheat Away

Easy armor

This trick works best for a level 2 or higher character. Enter the inn at Hommlet after dark, and speak with Tuperello. Agree to a drinking contest, and after everyone has passed out you can safely walk up and take all the items that they own. This will only work until you win the drinking contest, so make sure you get everything that you want.

Magic arms crafting

Have your cleric cast a magic weapon spell on the weapon you wish to upgrade. Have your wizard craft magic arms and armor on it then and the effects are permanent.
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