Tenchu 2: Birth of the Assassins - Level Select


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Level Select

At the Load/Save Menu hold R1 and press Up Down Square Up Down Square Up Down Square Down Up X.

Office Tileset

In the Mission Editor select Edit Mission highlight New Mission hold L2 and press Circle Square Left Right Circle Square. If done correctly you will hear a sound.

Unlimited All Ninja Items

At the Item Selection screen press Square Square Square Circle Square Circle Circle Left Up Down Right R2 R2.

Increase Item Inventory by 1

At Item Selection screen hold R1 Square and press Right Down Left Up.

Show Entire Map

During gameplay hold Select to view the map and press Circle Circle Circle Circle Circle.

Unlock All Missions in Mission Editor

At Custom Mission screen hold R2 Circle and press Up Down Down Right Left Left.

Copy Missions From CD in Mission Editor

At Mission Settings Menu hold Circle and press Up Up Down Down Left Right.

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